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My name is Claire Quinlan and welcome to Counselling and Psychotherapy Services for Limerick and the Midwest.

I am based in Limerick and provide Professional Confidential Counselling Services, Psychological Advice and Guidance to Clients in the Limerick / Midwest Region.

So, what is Counselling and Psychotherapy? and why would I visit a psychotherapist?

Well, people want to find a therapist or come to Counselling and Psychotherapy for all kinds of different reasons; from relationship issues or family therapy, to depression, bereavement, grief or sexual abuse. Sometimes, we can have a sense of needing help or of feeling lost and at times we can feel overwhelmed by life but we’re not sure why or even how to begin sort it out.

The one thing we all have in common is the desire to be happy and to live a fulfilled and contented life. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help by providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment to express these feelings and can offer you an opportunity to examine the root causes of these issues.

Sometimes, simply talking about your problems with a psychotherapist or counsellor can lead to personal clarity and healing.  As every client is unique and so too every session is tailored to the specific aims and needs of each client.

This form is completely confidential and any details you submit come directly to me, and only me.

Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists Ireland

Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists Ireland